This project aims to raise awareness on fake news’ impact on active citizenship at local, national and European level with focus on e-participation as well as to raise practical awareness of skillful participation through eDemocracy tools in small cities close to rural areas.

Key objectives and outcomes of the project are:

  • To make a survey in each country analyzing citizens’ attitude, habits, needs and ideas.
  • To organize high level international expert’s meeting to discuss the outcomes of survey, shearing views and develop a methodology for one-day program for local events.
  • To organize 2 local events per country gathering together citizens living in or close to rural areas to discuss existing initiatives in EU, to collect best national practices on confronting national and EU level fake news, collecting needs and ideas as well as to practically experience the smart e-participation and developing skills such as media literacy, critical thinking etc.
  • To organize conference in Brussels with outcomes of the project and EU level discussion involving citizens, NGOs, activists, experts, media, policy makers and government officials. - To create an on-line repository with all outcomes from project.
  • To provide recommendations on strategies and methodology on smart use of eDemocracy tools as answer to negative impact caused by fake news.

Project will directly involve 490 people from 7 countries: Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece and France.