Results & Impact

Here is the mid/long-term effects produced by the project:

  • Improved awareness among project target groups, especially (young) European citizens from rural areas about various national and EU level eDemocracy tools, what skills are needed to use them in context with raising number of fake news and populism.
  • Publicly accessible on-line repository with outcomes of survey, best –practices at national and international level, fresh ideas coming from citizens, methodology of one-day program and practical workshops and its analyze. usable for similar events in Europe as it would be flexible (for different realities) with international scope.
  • Outcomes of survey usable in wider national and EU level context.
  • Clear awareness of the situation how raising amount of national and EU level fake news affects real citizens from rural areas, what impact it leaves on citizen’s use of eDemocracy tools and how to tackle this challenge through increase of level of e-participation in rural areas. Awareness useful for policy-makers at national and EU level.
  • Project is also aimed towards building a bridge from EU institutions and their initiatives to local citizens of EU and they needs, creating a platform to help to see local and national challenges in context with EU level challenges and to feel more EU citizen with believe in active e-participation as a tool for active citizenship.

Recommendations to EU and member states to tackle disinformation

Project results included in this overview: 

  1. Outcomes of survey on disinformation and fake news usable in wider national and EU level context
  2. Recommendations for EU-policy makers and member states with citizens’ ideas and needs to tackle fake news for more active and wise eparticipation
  3. List of different eDemocracy tools and skills needed to tackle the fake news through practical workshops of e-participation
  4. Methodology of one-day program of the practical local workshop on disinformation, usable for similar events in Europe as it would be flexible (for different realities) with international scope


Click below to download SMARTeD Recommendations file. If you wish to download the file in a higher quality, please contact