“Fake news is not the problem – people are.”

On 29th of November, 2018, organisation ManaBalss hosted an international conference “Disinformation and fake news challenge to democracy”! What a great event it was with a lots of knowledgeable speakers, fresh ideas and even better audience!

During the conference the preliminary results of survey on disinformation and fake news (carried out in 6 EU member states – CZ, EE, FR, LV, SL, GR) were also presented. According to the report, the highest percentage of people who cannot tell the difference between fake and real news is in Greece – 56.1%.

Conference participants pointed out, that the solution for determining the “truth” and expecting informative and reasoned activities from the society, while there is a visible disinformation presence in the information space around us, is to raise awareness that this problem exists.

Self-regulated quality mechanisms used by the content makers are another effective way how to deal with this challenge. It means to possess a stronger responsibility towards the published content, as well as the collective knowledge and ability to monitor and control the presence of disinformation in publicly available information.

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